New: T13 Medical Tablet


T13 Tablet

We are happy to announce our new T13 Medical Grade tablet. The tablet is designed for usage in a healthcare environment. It is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals to access and upload patient data throughout the hospital. The T13 has a anti microbial casing, a 13 inch touchscreen and is equipped with the energy efficient but powerful  Intel ® Core ™ i7-processor.


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New: Medix T22B


It is with pleasure we would like to introduce our new Medix T22B. The Medix T22B is a Point-of-care computer with a 22 ” touch screen, making it ideal for electronic medical records or other healthcare related applications. The T22B point-of-care computer is equipped with three internal ” hot swappable ” battery packs and gives the user the ability to work mobile up to 10 hours. Besides this unique feature the Medix T22B can be equipped with various CPU’s including the Intel Core I7.

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